• March 3, 2018, 1 a.m.

    I've been always wondering how much the forum/community software selling to enterprise (eg. Adobe or Intel) or fortune 500 really costs. I've heard bits here and there about obscene monthly or yearly rates, but never got anything specific, and fact that major vendors in the field hid their pricing information behind "contact us to get the estimate" forms didn't really help.

    Well, this isn't mystery now thanks to people from Feverbee who took it upon themselves to find those out and publish them on their site:

    Jive: $150.000/month if your site has less than 4m hits during billing period (src)
    Lithium: $35.000/month if your site has less than 0.5m hits during billing period (src)
    Telligent: $46.800/month if your site has less than 0.25m hits during billing period (src)

    I can only say... wow. I've expected those to be high, but seeing $150k/month rate really made me drop the jaw to the ground. And Lithium is software that Github uses for their forums. The one time $140 with every next year $50 reneval model that commercial PHP software uses seems no longer that big now, eh?