• March 31, 2013, 1:48 a.m.

    Misago 0.2 is right here, and with it many improvements, bugfixes and new features!

    Nicest thing 0.2 brings are Private Threads. Want to discuss something secret with few other folks? Start private thread and pull 'em in. Because they are based on same foundation regular threads are, they are also integrated with reads tracker, alerts and e-mail notifications.

    0.2 brings in other much requested improvement: dynamic post comments. While plan to make features dynamic with JS only once features were complete remains unchanged, I've decided to make exception for karma system to see how will Misago's AJAX implementation fare.

    For developers most important thing would be refactored code which is far nicer to work with than old one and forum types abstraction that makes it far easier to add new forum-based content types. Both regular forums and private threads are already using this abstraction.

    As always, this is still early dev version with lots of stuff not yet implemented, so I'm extremely grateful to awesome guys who are playing around with software voicing their opinions and reporting bugs.