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    Jan. 4, 2022, 5:49 p.m.

    Loading pages is very slow, it's very bad for user behavior.

    Big offsets

    PostgreSQL Documentation

    Django Documentation

    Execution time: 805 ms

    SELECT ••• FROM "misago_threads_post" INNER JOIN "misago_categories_category" ON ("misago_threads_post"."category_id" = "misago_categories_category"."id") LEFT OUTER JOIN "misago_users_user" ON ("misago_threads_post"."poster_id" = "misago_users_user"."id") LEFT OUTER JOIN "misago_users_rank" ON ("misago_users_user"."rank_id" = "misago_users_rank"."id") LEFT OUTER JOIN "misago_users_online" ON ("misago_users_user"."id" = "misago_users_online"."user_id") LEFT OUTER JOIN "misago_users_bancache" ON ("misago_users_user"."id" = "misago_users_bancache"."user_id") WHERE ("misago_threads_post"."thread_id" = 3 AND "misago_threads_post"."is_event" = false) ORDER BY "misago_threads_post"."id" ASC LIMIT 10 OFFSET 52605

    /misago/threads/views/thread.py in get_posts(36)
    /misago/threads/viewmodels/posts.py in init(29)


    Limit  (cost=78664.83..78679.78 rows=10 width=7430) (actual time=804.250..804.895 rows=10 loops=1)
      ->  Nested Loop  (cost=3.62..79117.91 rows=52908 width=7430) (actual time=0.201..801.837 rows=52615 loops=1)
            Join Filter: (misago_threads_post.category_id = misago_categories_category.id)
            Rows Removed by Join Filter: 210460
            ->  Nested Loop Left Join  (cost=3.62..75677.85 rows=52908 width=7011) (actual time=0.180..730.441 rows=52615 loops=1)
                  Join Filter: (misago_threads_post.poster_id = misago_users_user.id)
                  Rows Removed by Join Filter: 163008
                  ->  Index Scan using misago_threads_post_pkey on misago_threads_post  (cost=0.42..74059.72 rows=52908 width=2624) (actual time=0.090..653.235 rows=52615 loops=1)
                        Filter: ((NOT is_event) AND (thread_id = 3))
                        Rows Removed by Filter: 258534
                  ->  Materialize  (cost=3.19..30.89 rows=2 width=4387) (actual time=0.000..0.000 rows=4 loops=52615)
                        ->  Nested Loop Left Join  (cost=3.19..30.88 rows=2 width=4387) (actual time=0.082..0.103 rows=4 loops=1)
                              ->  Nested Loop Left Join  (cost=3.04..14.52 rows=2 width=4273) (actual time=0.066..0.079 rows=4 loops=1)
                                    Join Filter: (misago_users_user.id = misago_users_online.user_id)
                                    Rows Removed by Join Filter: 3
                                    ->  Hash Right Join  (cost=3.04..13.48 rows=2 width=4261) (actual time=0.055..0.064 rows=4 loops=1)
                                          Hash Cond: (misago_users_rank.id = misago_users_user.rank_id)
                                          ->  Seq Scan on misago_users_rank  (cost=0.00..10.30 rows=30 width=2106) (actual time=0.007..0.008 rows=2 loops=1)
                                          ->  Hash  (cost=3.02..3.02 rows=2 width=2155) (actual time=0.028..0.029 rows=4 loops=1)
                                                Buckets: 1024  Batches: 1  Memory Usage: 13kB
                                                ->  Seq Scan on misago_users_user  (cost=0.00..3.02 rows=2 width=2155) (actual time=0.008..0.013 rows=4 loops=1)
                                    ->  Materialize  (cost=0.00..1.01 rows=1 width=12) (actual time=0.002..0.003 rows=1 loops=4)
                                          ->  Seq Scan on misago_users_online  (cost=0.00..1.01 rows=1 width=12) (actual time=0.005..0.006 rows=1 loops=1)
                              ->  Index Scan using misago_users_bancache_pkey on misago_users_bancache  (cost=0.15..8.17 rows=1 width=114) (actual time=0.004..0.004 rows=1 loops=4)
                                    Index Cond: (misago_users_user.id = user_id)
            ->  Materialize  (cost=0.00..1.07 rows=5 width=419) (actual time=0.000..0.000 rows=5 loops=52615)
                  ->  Seq Scan on misago_categories_category  (cost=0.00..1.05 rows=5 width=419) (actual time=0.006..0.009 rows=5 loops=1)
    Planning time: 3.899 ms
    Execution time: 805.258 ms

    Slow Counting

    Execution time: 220 ms

    SELECT COUNT(*) AS "__count" FROM "misago_threads_post" WHERE ("misago_threads_post"."thread_id" = 3 AND "misago_threads_post"."is_event" = false)

    /misago/threads/paginator.py in page(15)


    Finalize Aggregate  (cost=56884.02..56884.03 rows=1 width=8) (actual time=217.525..219.502 rows=1 loops=1)
      ->  Gather  (cost=56883.81..56884.02 rows=2 width=8) (actual time=213.542..219.496 rows=3 loops=1)
            Workers Planned: 2
            Workers Launched: 2
            ->  Partial Aggregate  (cost=55883.81..55883.82 rows=1 width=8) (actual time=207.625..207.626 rows=1 loops=3)
                  ->  Parallel Seq Scan on misago_threads_post  (cost=0.00..55828.69 rows=22045 width=0) (actual time=0.033..205.208 rows=17538 loops=3)
                        Filter: ((NOT is_event) AND (thread_id = 3))
                        Rows Removed by Filter: 86181
    Planning time: 1.024 ms
    Execution time: 219.535 ms

    for example, see how threads implemented in other Internet forums with relational databases


    from django.core.paginator import Paginator
    from django.utils.functional import cached_property
    class PostsPaginator(Paginator):
        """paginator that makes last item on page repeat as first item on next page."""
        def __init__(self, object_list, per_page, orphans=0, allow_empty_first_page=True):
            per_page = int(per_page) - 1
            if orphans:
                orphans += 1
            super().__init__(object_list, per_page, orphans, allow_empty_first_page)
        def page(self, number):
            """returns a Page object for the given 1-based page number."""
            number = self.validate_number(number)
            bottom = (number - 1) * self.per_page
            top = bottom + self.per_page
            if top + self.orphans >= self.count:
                top = self.count
            if top < self.count:
                top += 1
            if number > 100 and bottom > self.count/2:
                return self._get_page(self.object_list.reverse()[self.count-top:self.count-bottom][::-1], number, self)
                return self._get_page(self.object_list[bottom:top], number, self)
        def count(self):
            return self.object_list[0].thread.replies+1

    Slow Bitmap Index Scan
    Execution time: 463 ms

    SELECT ••• FROM "misago_threads_post" WHERE ("misago_threads_post"."posted_on" > '2022-01-02T23:50:34.714208+00:00'::timestamptz AND "misago_threads_post"."thread_id" IN (3) AND NOT ("misago_threads_post"."id" IN (SELECT ••• FROM "misago_readtracker_postread" U0 WHERE U0."user_id" = 1)) AND "misago_threads_post"."category_id" IN (6))

    /misago/readtracker/threadstracker.py in make_read_aware(30)


    Unique  (cost=3896.15..39897.69 rows=13 width=4) (actual time=36.648..463.569 rows=1 loops=1)
      ->  Bitmap Heap Scan on misago_threads_post  (cost=3896.15..39897.69 rows=8434 width=4) (actual time=36.646..458.577 rows=52557 loops=1)
            Recheck Cond: ((thread_id = 3) AND (category_id = 6))
            Filter: ((posted_on > '2022-01-02 23:50:34.714208+00'::timestamp with time zone) AND (NOT (hashed SubPlan 1)))
            Rows Removed by Filter: 59
            Heap Blocks: exact=27814
            ->  BitmapAnd  (cost=3893.68..3893.68 rows=16867 width=0) (actual time=31.655..31.657 rows=0 loops=1)
                  ->  Bitmap Index Scan on misago_threads_post_thread_id_8083899e  (cost=0.00..1357.23 rows=52908 width=0) (actual time=11.836..11.836 rows=53122 loops=1)
                        Index Cond: (thread_id = 3)
                  ->  Bitmap Index Scan on misago_threads_post_category_id_79f7f0ef  (cost=0.00..2531.98 rows=99141 width=0) (actual time=18.336..18.336 rows=100864 loops=1)
                        Index Cond: (category_id = 6)
            SubPlan 1
              ->  Seq Scan on misago_readtracker_postread u0  (cost=0.00..2.24 rows=95 width=4) (actual time=0.021..0.036 rows=116 loops=1)
                    Filter: (user_id = 1)
                    Rows Removed by Filter: 4
    Planning time: 1.367 ms
    Execution time: 463.757 ms

    Acceleration 10 times

    create index forgotten_index on misago_threads_post(posted_on, thread_id, category_id, id);


    Unique  (cost=2.90..14155.69 rows=13 width=4) (actual time=0.085..33.851 rows=1 loops=1)
       ->  Index Only Scan using forgotten_index on misago_threads_post  (cost=2.90..14155.69 rows=8438 width=4) (actual time=0.084..31.309 rows=52557 loops=1)
             Index Cond: ((posted_on > '2022-01-02 23:50:34.714208+00'::timestamp with time zone) AND (thread_id = 3) AND (category_id = 6))
             Filter: (NOT (hashed SubPlan 1))
             Rows Removed by Filter: 59
             Heap Fetches: 3023
             SubPlan 1
               ->  Seq Scan on misago_readtracker_postread u0  (cost=0.00..2.24 rows=95 width=4) (actual time=0.014..0.030 rows=116 loops=1)
                     Filter: (user_id = 1)
                     Rows Removed by Filter: 4
     Planning time: 0.589 ms
     Execution time: 33.878 ms
  • Jan. 4, 2022, 6:12 p.m.

    Could you share how many users, threads and posts your forum has? Or what server are you using for your installation?