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    Oct. 19, 2017, 10:56 a.m.

    If I correctly understand archiving in misago today, it consists in creating a dedicated category e.g. 'Archives' and either manually move the thread into this last category or by defining thread's time rules in all other categories and indicate final destination (the 'Archives' category).

    The mains inconveniences I found is that either you create a unique 'Archive' category and redirect all pruned threads to it. In this case, you lose the information about its former category. Or you create an archive category under every categories, which is time consuming and "overloads" the page 'Categories'. Besides, archived threads are still showed in the 'all' tab but should, in my opinion, not appears here but in another tab eventually.

    Here some propositions I would like to share, open to debate, in case anyone wants to contribute in the future.

    (no order)

    • Create a dedicated tab 'archived' like 'all', new',...
    • Do not show pruned threads in 'all', 'subscribed,.. tabs
    • Remove pins, subscriptions,... for pruned threads
    • Give the possibility to a category to have an archive (switch on/off button inside category)
    • Archives behavior and settings in the admin
    • Link to the categories archives in the 'Categories' page (do not show archives like others categories)
    • Archives are searchables
    • Put a tag 'archived' like 'new messages' for pruned threads
    • Permission for a user or group of users to archive (roles, rank,...)
    • Possibility for a user or group of users to excavate a pruned thread.

    That's all folks.