• May 25, 2023, 4:08 p.m.

    Misago Docker will see a small evolution in coming weeks:

    • Existing main branch will be renamed to v0.
    • New branch will be created named v1. This branch will be new default branch for Misago docker.

    v1 will contain some backwards incompatible changes:

    • Database service will be renamed from postgres to postgres-15.
    • Database service will be upgraded to PostgreSQL 15.
    • Default database credentials (user and password) will be hardcoded into docker-compose.yml. To change it you should create docker-compose.override.yml file.
    • misago-database volume will be renamed to misago-postgres-15
    • Celery worker service will be renamed from misago-celery to celery-worker.

    There's no automatic migration path for Docker's PostgreSQL from one major version to the other, and PostgreSQL's pg_upgrade requires both old and new versions of PostgreSQL to be installed. This leaves us with only classic way of upgrading PostgreSQL database: exporting data from old database with pg_dump and importing the sql file on new version with psql.

    My goal is to automate the process with ./appctl commands.