• June 10, 2023, 3:22 p.m.

    Misago Docker 0.2 and 1.0 are now available.

    This release makes misago-docker v0 branch support both old and new Docker Compose (docker-compose and docker compose). It also adds upgrade script that allows sites running v0.2 to upgrade to v1.

    This release also includes misago-docker v1 branch which upgrades PostgreSQL version to 15.3, and Redis version to 6. It also includes other changes which are listed in changelog.

    Updating to v0.2

    To update your Misago site running misago-docker v0, run ./appctl upgrade

    Upgrading to v1

    To upgrade your Misago site running misago-docker v0 to v1, first run ./appctl upgrade to make sure you are running latest version of misago-docker v0.

    After this upgrade is completed, run ./appctl majorupgrade to automatically upgrade your misago-docker to v1. This step requires docker compose command to work on your environment. To check if this is the case, run docker compose version. If you've gotten error message, you'll need to update your docker and install docker-compose-plugin. Instruction for doing this for Ubuntu and Debian linux distributions (like ones used by Digital Ocean docker droplet) can be found here.

    When your site is up and running again, you can run docker system prune to delete unused Docker data, potentially gaining gigabytes of free disk space.

    Other notes

    v1 branch is now main branch on misago-docker repository.

    Misago's version was not changed in this release.

    docker-compose setup for development (kept on main misago repo) was updated to use PostgreSQL 15 and Redis 6.



    • Updated PostgreSQL service to 15.3.
    • Renamed PostgreSQL service from postgres to postgres-15.
    • Updated Redis service to 6.2.
    • Renamed Redis service from redis to redis-6.
    • Updated nginx-lets-encrypt service to 2.2.
    • Renamed misago-celery service to celery-worker.
    • Renamed misago-database volume to misago-postgres-15
    • Renamed misago-redis volume to misago-redis-6
    • Removed postgres.env dependency.
    • Removed postgres wizard step.


    • Added support for both docker-compose and docker compose.
    • Added majorupgrade that updates misago-docker setup to v1.0