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    April 12, 2020, 3:16 a.m.


    I'm using Misago-docker for my forum and I want to modify default templates. I can modify default templates for Misago dev but for Misago-docker I fail. My idea is now to clone the dev version inside the theme/template directory of docker but I don't know how to modify settings file to make it work.

    Thank you in advance!

  • April 12, 2020, 3 p.m.

    You don't have to modify settings file in misago-docker to make it load templates from /theme/templates. It's already configured to do that. You just need to remember that template files are cached so you need to restart the site after uploading new files to /theme/templates and that those templates need to live in /theme/templates/misago.

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    April 12, 2020, 10:18 p.m.

    Thank you @rafalp for your quick reply. What I really want is to have full control of my forum : to be able to change html templates, modify and add new models, change views, add new functionalities, to be able to add new app, add new buttons to the editor and so on. As I said before, I can do that with Misago dev and I really appreciate your framework.

    I think it is better, with missago docker, to integrate misago dev as a submodule so that people can have full control instead of importing it as an installed module. For me, I need my forum to be unique, I don't want to maintain the default misago forum.

    I am a Python advocate, this is why I would like to choose forum frameworks developped with Python for my project. I plan to contribute later to your project. Congrats for this nice work.