• May 28, 2017, 10:06 p.m.

    Misago 0.6 has been released, taking the project from Alpha to Perpetual Beta.

    This release adds open graph tags to Misago-generated markup, which makes content from Misago that's shared on social media look more consise.

    Few improvements and bugfixes are also included in this release, with biggest one being update of all dependencies to their current versions, with support for Django 1.11 that's long term support release being nicest of all.

    Updating instructions

    Misago 0.6 bumps all dependencies to their current versions. This makes it preferable to perform its installation on fresh virtual environment.

    virtualenv venv
    pip install misago
    // update your files as documented below
    python manage.py migrate

    MISAGO_JS_CATALOG_PACKAGES has been deprecated.

    Django 1.10 deprecates support for the javascript_catalog view, superseding it with the JavaScriptCatalog. Because of this Misago drops it's own misago.core.views.javascript_catalog view.

    Instead, as part of migration you need to edit your site's urls.py to include new JavaScriptCatalog view.

    Add following imports:

    from django.utils import timezone
    from django.views.decorators.cache import cache_page
    from django.views.decorators.http import last_modified
    from django.views.i18n import JavaScriptCatalog

    Delete following import:

    from misago.core.views import javascript_catalog

    Finally, edit line defining the view:

        # Javascript translations
        url(r'^django-i18n.js$', javascript_catalog, name='django-i18n'),

    To following:

        # Javascript translations
            cache_page(86400 * 2, key_prefix='misagojsi18n')(
                last_modified(lambda req, **kw: timezone.now())(

    The way that Django Admin URL's were included in urlconf has changed

    If you have enabled django admin in your Misago site via uncommenting it in default urls.py, you'll need to edit the line for future compatibility with Django 2.0.

    Find in your urls.py:

    url(r'^django-admin/', include(admin.site.urls)),

    And change it to:

    url(r'^django-admin/', admin.site.urls),

    Database structure has been changed

    To update your database for 0.6, run migrations:

    python manage.py migrate

    About the could not open extension control file error during database migration

    If you run into an error that looks like following:

    django.db.utils.OperationalError: could not open extension control file "/usr/share/postgresql/9.4/extension/btree_gin.control": No such file or directory

    This means you'll need to install the postgresql-contrib package that includes extensions for PostgreSQL:

    sudo apt-get install postgresql-contrib

    About the django.db.utils.ProgrammingError: permission denied to create extension "btree_gin" error during database migration

    Only superusers may enable extensions in your database. To solve this issue, you may grant your database user super user privileges for duration of the installation:

    # switch to postgresql user and start psql tool
    sudo -u postgres psql postgres
    # make your database user the superuser
    alter role user_name superuser;
    # after installation is complete run below query in the psql
    # to remove super user privileges from your database user 
    alter role user_name nosuperuser;

    New features

    • 848: Added OpenGraph tags to pages for sharing in social media.

    Theme changes

    • 836 - Additional category styles.
    • 845 - Made user ranks border less dominant.
    • 847 - Made difference between default and disabled buttons more noticeable.
    • 851 - Wrapped fallback categories list on thread view in noscript so it'll won't blink before JS kicks in.
    • 852 - Removed gradients from iconography.

    Bugs fixed

    • 834 - Horizontally aligned header stats items in Safari.
    • 842 - Changed css class on team role created by migration to from "team" to "primary".
    • 846 - Fixed check version tool in admin.
    • 850 - Icon and colorful badge didn't appear in user's menu if user has unread private threads.
    • 853 - Fixed and cleaned categories custom css class handling on threads and thread views.
    • 854 - Switched the order of captcha and form validation around in registration form, so invalid form submission will not invalidate reCaptcha token.

    Implementation and API changes

    • 653 - Ranks are translated using language specified in settings.py when Misago is installed. If permission roles names have translation for active language, they'll be displayed translated in the admin UI.
    • 837 - Unified all models link serialization to url and api props.
    • 838 - Updated Django version to Django 1.11 LTS.
    • 839 - Updated all dependencies to their latest versions.
    • 843 - Forum search uses GIN index for faster search. It also limits results number to five pages of latest items that meet search criteria for performance reasons.
    • 855 - Deleted misagodbrelations util.
    • 857 - Misago will now no longer strip whitespaces from around the passwords. This puts its password handling behaviour in compliance with django.contrib.auth.
    • 844 -The CreatePartialIndex and CreatePartialCompositeIndex utils have been superseded with new PgPartialIndex that uses custom index mechanic introduced in Django 1.11

    Documentation changes

    • 838 - Removed MISAGO_JS_CATALOG_PACKAGES from settings doc.
    • 853 - Documented additional CSS classes available on thread and category views when custom CSS class is set on category.
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