• May 25, 2023, 11:46 p.m.

    Misago 0.36 is a maintenance release focused on fixing bugs and improving user experience in some areas.

    Added last pages links to threads list

    Threads that have multiple pages, will now display links to three last pages next to thread's title on threads lists.

    Due to how Misago stores information about posts in moderation queues, those links may not be accurate for threads with many posts requiring moderator approval.

    Fixed Google Search Console verification

    URL generation that Google Search Console verification used was broken in past Misago release. This URL is now generated correctly.

    Fixed some timestamps being displayed as "0 minutes" or "0 hours"

    This issue was caused by invalid rounding of past dates in Misago's new date formatting utilities that will in future replace Moment.js in entire JavaScript code.

    Redesigned thread paginator

    Pagination on threads pages now uses new paginator that displays both current page and total number of pages. It's also possible to click on central button to get small dropdown enabling user to enter the page number they want to jump to.

    "Go to top" link was moved into separate row and is now more obvious in it's function and easier to click on mobile devices.

    Paginator is also only displayed when thread has multiple pages.

    Threads list UX improvements

    Threads list's information density was increased. This was achieved by making avatars smaller. Thread's starter avatar is now displayed as left-most column on larger screens. Read/unread status is now displayed through smaller icon, which is present on all display sizes.

    Thread title link was unified with other forum software:

    • Unread thread: thread title links to first unread post
    • Read thread (or guest user): thread title links to thread start

    To go to thread's end you can use newly introduced thread's last pages links, or last reply timestamp.

    Last reply timestamp uses new <Timestamp /> component introduced as part of effort to remove Moment.js dependency from Misago's JavaScript.

    Broken login link fixed

    Welcome emails sent to new users by Misago included a link to forum's index page with extra ?modal=login part that should trigger login modal to open automatically. This was broken during new NavBar development but is now fixed.

    Added retry to notifications tasks

    Posting API isolates its logic in database transaction. This transaction sometimes doesn't end before tasks used to send notifications start, causing those tasks to error due to new reply or thread not being available to them yet.

    This release adds 5 second retry for those tasks when those specific errors are encountered.


    • Add last pages links to threads list (#1617)
    • Fix google search console verification (#1615)
    • Fix 0 minutes ago and 0 hours ago timestamps (#1611)
    • Redesign thread paginator (#1607)
    • Threads list UX improvements (#1602)
    • Auto-open login modal when it contains modal=login query string (#1604)
    • Add retry to notifications tasks on known exceptions (#1601)
    • Sync translations with transifex (#1619)
  • May 28, 2023, 4:18 p.m.

    Misago 0.36.1 is a maintenance release focused on fixing bugs and issues introduced by 0.36 release.

    Underscore in usernames handling

    Misago always officially supported underscore in usernames, but some of its features implementation didn't reflect that.

    This release adds tests to features processing usernames to verify that they in fact work with underscored names.

    JavaScript library used to implement mentions suggestions does'nt support underscores in names. This will be resolved in future PR replacing this library with other one.


    • Fixed handling of underscore in usernames (#1625)
    • Increased avatars on threads list to 30px (#1624)
    • Updated translations (#1626)