• Sept. 1, 2019, 4:39 p.m.

    Misago 0.22 is a feature release that adds much requested support for integrating forum with existing site. It also fixes the bug where index page was displayed with default title, ignoring custom index title value set in the index_title setting. This could confuse search engine's crawlers.

    Integrations with existing sites

    Misago 0.22 implements Single Sign-On ("SSO") client, and enables site owners to connect Misago to their existing site's SSO server.

    When SSO is enabled, Misago will delegate all account maintenance to the 3rd party site. Clicking "Sign in" in the menu will redirect user to the site that provides user data. This site will then be tasked with authenticating and authorizing user, and redirecting them back to Misago (or displaying error page if user shouldn't be signed in). Misago will then use single-time token provided by the 3rd party user to ask it over API for user data, and log in user to forum using that data.

    If your site is built with Django, you can use django-simple-sso package to easily add SSO server to your project. Otherwise its readme provides protocol specification for 3rd party implementators.

    Please note that Misago's SSO client requires that user payload contains extra id key that is user-unique integer identifying the user in your application. It also doesn't support or require first_name, last_name, is_staff and is_superuser. is_active is optional, and defaults to True for users signing on for the first time.

    Your application can push user updates, by making POST request to yourforum.com/sso/sync/ url. This POST request should contain single value, access_token, which is a JWT signed with current SSO secret key using the HS256 algorithm.

    Updating instructions

    To upgrade your Misago to 0.22, run ./appctl upgrade command.

    New features

    • 415: Integration with existing sites.

    Bugs fixed

    • 1284: Index page title served to search engine crawlers didn't respect the index_title setting value.
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