• July 21, 2019, 10:14 p.m.

    Misago 0.21 is a small feature release that adds spoiler BBCode and /healthcheck/ url for health checks. It also fixes bug and show-stopper in the message parser.


    Note: Your forum needs to be running on Misago 0.20 with misago-docker for you to be able to update using instruction below.

    Use ./appctl upgrade to upgrade from Misago 0.20 to Misago 0.21. Full guide can be found here.

    New features

    • 1263: Added /healthcheck/ url that can be requested to check application health.
    • 1267: Added spoiler BBCode.

    Bugs fixed

    • 1265: fixed the bug in which [url=text]url[/url] bbcode was incorrectly parsed to <a href="http://text">text</a>.
    • 1265: fixed the bug in which url cleaner crashed when internal url pointed to Django urls, but not Misago urls.

    Implementation changes

    • 1265: moved misago.markup app tests to pytest.



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