• July 13, 2019, 5:09 p.m.

    Misago 0.20 is a feature release focused on providing quality of life improvements for site owners.

    For first time ever Misago implements themes system that makes site appearance customization possible uploading custom CSS and image files from admin computer, or simply adding custom CSS by admin interface. Option for exporting and importing themes was also included as part of this release.

    It is now possible to upload custom logo, site icon and share image through the dedicated options in admin panel.

    Some other commonly customized options like enabling social login or google analitics have been moved from settings.py to the admin panel.

    Lastly support for versions of Python older than 3.7 has also been removed in this release.

    Updating instructions

    Misago Docker

    Misago 0.20 is first Misago release that requires misago-docker to work.

    To upgrade your Misago site to 0.20, connect to your server and go to misago_docker directory. You need to do this because updated misago-docker changed the way in which some of data is stored.

    Create new backup and write down its name, you will be needing it later:

    ./appctl backup

    Now, delete misago/static/index.html file:

    rm misago/static/index.html

    Now git pull latest misago_docker code:

    git pull

    Run upgrade:

    ./appctl upgrade

    Restore the backup you've crated at the beginning of update:

    ./appctl restore YOURBACKUP.tar.gz

    Re-run upgrade:

    ./appctl upgrade

    Some settings have been moved from settings.py to admin panel. You will have to configure them again. Log to your forum's admin panel, to Settings section, and change them to your liking.

    Migrating to Misago Docker

    Backup your existing site's data in format used by misago-docker: Creating custom backup archives.

    Setup new site using misago-docker, you'll find the guide here.

    Use ./appctl restore that misago-docker providers to load your data to site.

    New features

    • 430 - Add Docker setup for use in production. (See here)
    • 1127 - Google Analytics and Search Console Verification can now be enabled from admin panel.
    • 1170 - Add themes system to make site customizations easier.
    • 1184 - Forum logo image can now be uploaded in admin panel.
    • 1185 - Social share image can now be uploaded in admin panel, and swapped with user avatar for profiles and posts.
    • 1187 - Blank avatar image can now be uploaded in admin panel.
    • 1214 - Text in header on forum index can now be set separately to page title.
    • 1218 - Redesign admin index page, add site analytics and expand on system checks.
    • 1241 - Many settings previously defined in settings.py have been moved and made changeable in admin panel.
    • 1245 - Made site icons configurable in the admin panel.
    • 1248 - Made social login options configurable in admin panel.
    • 1255 - Added metatags for sharing on Twitter.

    Theme changes

    • 1180 - Face-lift the theme to be easier to override/customize. Replace neutral greys with cold ones, remove header background image, and palette-swap to something lighter.
    • 1204 - Updated admin design to use Bootstrap 4 and rewrote admin JS to don't use JQuery.
    • 1254 - Removed default category flavors.

    Bugs fixed

    • 1177 - Fix admin crash caused by filters data stored in session becoming corrupted.
    • 1219 - Fix crash on user deletion caused by user having data download requests.
    • 1220 - Fix crash when AJAX post request was made without valid CSRF token.

    Implementation and API changes

    • 992 - Refactor misago.core.middleware into single Python module.
    • 1057 - Remove support for Py 2.7, 3.4, 3.5 and 3.6.
    • 1062 - Make API response tests checks use assertEqual(response.json(), ...) instead of assertContains.
    • 1123 - Remove misago-start.py and make main repo simpler to get started with.
    • 1124 - Remove crispy_forms dependency and move admin forms to custom misago_admin_form tags and templates.
    • 1150 - Change test runner to pytest, use it for newly written tests.
    • 1169 - Move misago.admin tests to pytest.
    • 1197 - Move threads list and user activity feeds to cursor based pagination.
    • 1198 - Cleanup fake data generators. Add createfakehistory command that creates fake user activity data for specified number of days.
    • 1216 - Changed "delete user with content" admin action to use celery task.
    • 1221 - Refactored misago.core.momentjs utils to support shared use for admin and site front.
    • 1222 - Updated admin site organization to make access to commonly used actions easier.
    • 1228 - Updated python dependencies to latest versions, Python to 3.7 and Django to 2.2LTS.
    • 1229 - Removed PgPartialIndex utility and moved partial indexes to Django Index implementation.
    • 1231 - Simplified the dynamic settings data model to make it more maintainable and flexible.
    • 1232 - Made admin views API more consistent with Django CBV.
    • 1236 - Moved MISAGO_ADDRESS setting from settings.py to dynamic settings to make it easier to adjust. Removed site_address context middleware.
    • 1244 - Renamed "Active posters" list to "Top posters".

    Documentation changes


    Localization changes

    • 1256 Updated translation files
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