• Oct. 27, 2018, 7:54 p.m.

    Misago 0.19.3 is a maintenance release focused on fixing issues.

    Updating instructions

    To update Misago from 0.19.2 to 0.19.3 use PIP to uninstall old Misago and install new one:

    pip uninstall misago
    pip install misago

    Next, run following commands to make sure your forum database and static files are up to date with latest changes:

    python manage.py migrate
    python manage.py collectstatic

    New features


    Theme changes


    Bugs fixed

    • 1109 - "Undelete" moderation option is displayed to non-moderators on threads list.
    • 1110 - Active users page displays all users that ever posted, not just users that posted during ranked period.
    • 1111 - Program name passed by misago.core.setup.start_misago_project to execute_from_command_line was start-misago.py instead of misago-start.py.

    Implementation and API changes

    • 1116 - Removed unnecessary compilemessages from ./dev txsync as this was already being done in ./dev txpull step ran internally.

    Documentation changes


    Localization changes

    • 1116 - Synchronized translation files with Transifex.
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