• June 1, 2018, 3:12 a.m.

    Misago 0.18 has been released!

    This release adds much requested support for login with social site account, small interface improvements and bug fixes. It also lays groundwork for better support of real names in future, and reduces amount of personal data to make compliance with GDPR easier, at expense of making it little harder to detect spam in user profiles.

    Updating instructions

    To update Misago from 0.17 to 0.18 use PIP to uninstall old Misago and install new one:

    pip uninstall misago
    pip install misago

    Now, open your forum's settings.py and find INSTALLED_APPS in it. Next, find this code:

        # 3rd party apps used by Misago

    And add social_django below rest_framework, like this:

        # 3rd party apps used by Misago

    Also add following code at the end of your settings.py:

        # Steps required by social pipeline to work - don't delete those!
        # Uncomment next line to let your users to associate their old forum account with social one.
        # 'misago.users.social.pipeline.associate_by_email',
        # Those steps make sure banned users may not join your site or use banned name or email.
        # Reads user data received from social site and tries to create valid and available username
        # Required if you want automatic account creation to work. Otherwhise optional.
        # Uncomment next line to enable automatic account creation if data from social site is valid
        # and get_username found valid name for new user account:
        # 'misago.users.social.pipeline.create_user',
        # This step asks user to complete simple, pre filled registration form containing username,
        # email, legal note if you remove it without adding custom one, users will have no fallback
        # for joining your site using their social account.
        # Steps finalizing social authentication flow - don't delete those!

    Misago 0.18 also renamed the "Full name" field to "Real name", if your settings.py contains following line:


    You will have to change it to following to keep your forum working:


    Next, open your urls.py and find following lines in it:

    urlpatterns = [
        url(r'^', include('misago.urls', namespace='misago')),

    Now add url(r'^', include('social_django.urls', namespace='social')), below that code, so it looks like this:

    urlpatterns = [
        url(r'^', include('misago.urls', namespace='misago')),
        url(r'^', include('social_django.urls', namespace='social')),

    Run following commands to make sure your forum's database and static files are up to date with latest changes:

    python manage.py migrate
    python manage.py collectstatic
    python manage.py deleteprofilefield fullname

    You will also need to run regularly clear the database tables used to hold temporary data returned from social sites. To do this, add following task to your cron:

    25 0 * * * python manage.py clearsocial

    To learn how to enable social login for selected site on your Misago, see the guide in documentation.

    New features

    • Sign in or join using social authentication.

    Theme changes

    • Don't require user to vote/view votes to access poll edit/delete buttons.

    Bugs fixed

    • Posting action doesn't recognize and display attachments errors to the user.
    • Don't prompt user for label if they didn't enter URL in previous prompt.
    • Private Threads icon in header erroneously claims that user has unread messages.

    Implementation and API changes

    • Function signature for registration validators has changed to request, cleaned_data={}, add_error=None, with add_error kwarg being an add_error bound method belonging to form or serializer requesting registration validation.
    • Make registration-only bans option behavior more intuitive. Previously bans with "registration only" option disabled were ignored during registration, username or email changes.
    • Delete marked users management task will delete already-marked user accounts even if administrator disabled option for users to request account deletion with MISAGO_ENABLE_DELETE_OWN_ACCOUNT = False.

    Documentation changes

    • Added guide for setting up social auth using GitHub as provider.

    Localization changes


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  • June 5, 2018, 7:15 p.m.

    Misago 0.18.1 has been released!

    This release is small bugfix release that fixes error on login and register forms that happens when site has not enabled the social login feature.

    Updating instructions

    To update Misago from 0.18 to 0.18.1 use PIP to uninstall old Misago and install new one:

    pip uninstall misago
    pip install misago

    Next, run following commands to make sure your forum database and static files are up to date with latest changes:

    python manage.py migrate
    python manage.py collectstatic

    Bugs fixed

    • 1015 - Don't crash UI when user tries to open login or register forms on site with social auth disabled.
  • July 26, 2018, 7:46 p.m.

    Misago 0.18.2 is a maintenance release focused on fixing the bug resulting in new user being logged in despite forum being set to require activation. This release also fixes the omission in project's release configuration that caused our releases to include development code that has no place on PYPI.

    Bugs fixed

    • 1032 - User is logged in after registration, even if their account is inactive.
    • 1035 - Updated MANIFEST.in to exclude devproject and docs from releases, making for smaller download when installing Misago from PIP.
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