• Sept. 9, 2017, 6:08 p.m.

    Misago 0.11 has been released! This release includes new feature in form of quick search available from forum's navbar, as well as few little bugfixes and improvements.

    This release should also be of interest for those working on translating Misago to other languages, as it includes the support for Transifex Client as well as language files for all languages of which translation progress is greater than 40%: Chinese, French and Russian.

    Updating instructions

    To update Misago from 0.10 to 0.11 use PIP to uninstall old Misago and install new one:

    pip uninstall misago
    pip install misago

    Next, open your settings.py, look up the context_processors setting under TEMPLATES, and find 'misago.conf.context_processors.settings', line:


    Next, add new line with 'misago.search.context_processors.search_providers', below it:


    New features

    • 886 - Misago will now display search icon in navbar on desktop and tablet sized displays, that lets your users to perform quick searches for threads and users without need for going to search page.
    • 902 - It's now possible to link to page containing search results for search provider and query. This is currently used for "see all results" links in navbar's search, but may be expanded in the future.

    Theme changes

    • 900 - If user has permission to use private threads, icon link to them will always be present next to user's avatar in navbar.

    Bugs fixed

    • 901 - Misago will no longer display links to private threads in UI if user has no permission to use them.
    • 904 - Fixed showstopper on "delete all" action in users admin, increased its tests coverage.

    Implementation and API changes


    Documentation changes


    Localization changes

    • 906 - Misago now includes the configuration files required for the Transifex Client to work, which should make it easier for translators to work and test their translations. In addition to this Misago now includes translation files for languages which translation progress is greater than 40%: Russian, French and Chinese.
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    Sept. 9, 2017, 8:13 p.m.

    This is the most beautiful forum I ever saw <3

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