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    April 8, 2023, 3:20 p.m.

    Hey! This is a simple blue theme for misago. 0.33

    This theme is unlikely to receive active updates. I would like to create a nicer theme as soon as I have available vps and time.

    Colors: projectblurple.com


    go-blurple.css: This is the base CSS for the Misago forum which enchants everything with the Blurple.


    Other cool css for misago

    status.css: If online, it displays green. Red for offline status in posts (all languages).

    smooth.css: You can set round or square avatars with this pre-written CSS.

    branding.css: It colors the footer and adds a blue heart to it.

    animation.css: When hovering over the profile picture, it rotates to the right, and returns to its original state when the mouse is removed, and new thread button rotate when hovering (I do not recommend using it)

    Install: copy and paste from here